The Great Gummy Meltdown

So, yeah. It’s been a while since I fired up a new entry. Work’s been killer and truth be told, my candy making adventures paused somewhat as well. I have plans afoot to put together packages of candies for friends and family this year for the holidays – nefarious plans – but in the mean time there’s a wee bit of backlog I should cover first.

I got this idea from the unfortunately titled Pimp That Snack site, where someone took a huge bag of gummi bears and melted them down into a couple huge bears. It was amazing.

I thought, rather than make a couple huge bears, why not make a bunch of other fun shapes? I snagged an excessively large bag of gummies from Costco (where else to go for excess?) and tossed it in the closet for a rainy day with the kids. A few weeks later, the perfect day arrived, so we rounded up the supplies.

First up, sort out the gummies by color.

Step 1: sort out the gummies by color.

It’s always seemed like there are more of those tasty red ones than the others, and this exercise confirmed it – there were about double as many red bears as any other color. Which was a good thing, since there were a lot of casualties during the sorting.

We were going to mold the gummies into shapes, so we picked out some of the larger candy molds and set them out, with some long spoons for scooping. I sprayed the molds lightly with Pam in an effort to make then non-stick. To which the gummi mix said, ha!

Step 2: set up the supplies.

Now, for the actual melting. Since the gummies are made chewy by gelatin, it’s critical to melt them at a very low temperature. Doing so at a high temp could rupture the gelatin granules and turn the chewy candy into sludge. We decided to do two colors, using a mini-slow cooker an a pot set to warm.

Set to the lowest heat, it still only took a few minutes to melt over 1 cup of gummies.

The mix is sticky. Very sticky.

Drizzling the mix into the molds was easier in my mind than it was in reality. This stuff is crazy sticky, so it took several spoons and at least two people to scoop each one off.

Bridget wanted some gummi suckers, which is a pretty cool idea.

Once all the gummi mix is in the molds, just let them set for an hour or so to set back up.

Convincing the kids not to eat all this candy on the table was tricky. Solution: let'm go nuts on the spoons and pans.

The project makes quite the mess of dishes.

The dark side of candy making: sticky stuff everywhere.

The Pam was no match for the sticky powers of the gummi mix, so it took some patience to slowly pull each from their molds. Only a couple of them came out as mutants.

They turned out better than I expected.

Once they were set up and pried free, they just needed wrapping.

All wrapped up and ready to be unwrapped.

All in all, it was a fun, cheap and messy project to do with the kids. Took about an hour all told.

Next up, turtles. The chocolate kind.


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2 Responses to The Great Gummy Meltdown

  1. Curious says:

    Were the candies hard after you melted them? Or were they just like gummy bears on a stick?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Wow.. You berly posted this not too long ago and my boyfriend loves gummy candies and for our anniversary I wanted to make him something like this and I saw your post! It was very helpful thank you!

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